My Story


World Traveler, Freelance Writer and Photographer, Dreamer

Hello everyone. The purpose of my blog is to share experiences, tips, and pictures of my travels. And hopefully some really funny or crazy times.

I haven’t always been a world traveler. No, actually I had a very typical life in the USA. I grew up and went to school to find my dream job and live the life I was groomed to live. And so I did just that. After college, I got a job in the tech industry as a tech support agent for a website building company. That was a stepping stone to the job I got as a Network Administrator for a different company. This was the dream job for my field. I managed the computer network for an entire company in Orange Country, California. Servers, PC’s, routers(not the small ones in your home) and many other software and hardware products. The job was great and I loved the people I worked with. Money, lifestyle and well, everything was just as I had hoped. But eventually the fast paced lifestyle that I was in, wasn’t making my life any better. I left California and moved back to Oregon where my family lived and I took another position as a Technical Manager. I decided that I wanted a part time job for some extra cash and the job would have to benefit me somehow besides money. An airline was hiring at the Portland airport for a 16 hour/week position. This job was offering pay and free flight benefits! I was hired on there and went through whatever I had to. You see, at the time I did not have a car and so I took the metro to the airport. This became difficult as most flights were delayed in the winter time due to weather and often the last metro train left the airport before I was done. So I slept in the break room on the futon we had until the metro started up again at 5am. It wasn’t as bad as you think – I could watch movies online and there was a bakery open 24 hours at the airport.

The year was 2008. The flight benefits were amazing and I started travelling all over the Caribbean and USA to start out. I became a travelling junkie and soon after I quit my IT job and transferred to Florida with the airline – full time position and many opportunities to travel. This was when I took my first European and solo trip. I visited Croatia for 10 days… And that leads me to now. I have had other jobs with travel agencies since then as the industry addiction is hard to break, nor would I ever want to break it.

After all of my travels I have ended up in cosmopolitan Barcelona with its sunshine and charm. Besides being a paid freelance writer, I now operate a wine and beer tour company, and hope to see you all soon.

You can visit my company site for Barcelona Wine and Beer Experience

Thank you all for your support and interest over the years. I love it!




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