In Kuta, Bali.. amazing how inexpensive things are

So, I did maybe 3 hours of research when choosing my first hotel. Great choice. Centrally located in Kuta which is the entertainment and shopping hub of Bali. I will spend 3 nights here and 3 nights in another city not yet choosen. My room was nice and very clean. Overlooking the pool and courtyard. At $26USD per night I was very impressed.


I’m off now to pickup my scooter. $5USD for 24 hours! I thought hey were joking at first. In Europe or the US you would pay at least $20USD. I noticed there are more scooters on the road here than cars. My cab driver told me even he owns one and it is his first choice for getting around. Sounds great to me!

3 thoughts on “In Kuta, Bali.. amazing how inexpensive things are

  1. Shirley :)

    Hi Dan,
    I hope you are doing great! What a trip huh?
    I am happy for you because you are fulfilling
    your dreams and this is so important!!!
    Some how I was a little sad…maybe because
    I might not see you again ever…just maybe!
    😀 enjoy every minute of your adventure and
    new life!


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