Tip #2 Mobile Phone Use

Hello everyone. This tip will solve that pesky and expensive issue of mobile phone service while abroad. Instead of paying more money for a roaming plan with your current mobile carrier to travel, have them unlock your phone. This is free of charge and most 4G LTE phones now come unlocked when you purchase them. Ask your mobile carrier to verify that for you. Once that is complete, you are now ready to save money. Here is how-

Carriers around the globe will sell anyone with a passport, a SIM card and a prepaid plan. Just pop in a mobile phone store or purchase from a newspaper stand in some countries. Pop the new SIM card in your phone and you are online. Make sure your contacts are saved to your cloud accounts as they should be anyway. SIM cards are no longer supposed to be used for contact storage. Any apps, photos or documents will not disappear and will work the same. You are simply telling the phone to connect to a new network. For example, I paid 9 euros for a monthly prepaid plan that included 3GB of data and 200 minutes of talk time when I was visiting Spain. In Germany, I paid 12 euros for 4GB of data and 300 minutes of talk. In Dubai, 13 $USD. In Belgium, 12 euros. Here in Spain, I pay 25 euros a month which includes 18GB of data and unlimited talk and text. I have this plan because I use it for my tour company. If you live in the USA, note that people abroad use Whatsapp and Viber to message and talk so unlimited talk and text is not important when traveling. The amount of data, 3GB+ is more than enough for Google maps, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Facebook and internet browsing. If you plan to stream shows, maybe you should stay home. You are traveling! Smile 

I have a friend that came and her mobile company would charge her 10$USD for 24 hours if she used the phone at all. For that price you can get a SIM card and plan to use the phone anytime you want. In a foreign country, maps and internet come in handy when you leave a Wi-Fi area. Hope this helps some of you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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