Travel Tech Gear

So traveling the globe, I find that the right tech gear can be such a blessing at times. The mobile phone dies, your out of space on your memory card or you want to share pics with friends easily and without taking too much time from your day of sightseeing.

Here are some cool tech gadgets that I use and use frequently.

sandisk usb

Sandisk USB 3.0 stick

The Sandisk USB/microUSB stick can plug into your mobile phone via the microUSB port (if you own an android or windows phone). For those iPhone users, you will need to use an adapter. This comes in a multiple sizes – 16GB, 32GB, 64Gb, 128GB. I purchased the 32GB for 9Euros here in Spain. It is fast to transfer from your phone and then just plug it into your laptop and copy away. This saves time if you have no wifi for cloud transfers. You can also copy pics to the stick and then plug into another phone and copy them over. Phone must be USB OTG compliant.


Solar Charger USB

This solar charger is awesome! Take it to the beach, park or just walking the city. I use mine at the beach to charge my bluetooth speaker or my phone. I also have a power bank I use if I am not taking a bag with me which is rare. The charge time for my phone on 25% battery is 1 hour. This may be a little large for short trips when you don’t take a bag with you. It also clips on the the back of your bag so you can charge while walking if you have good sun. 

A few points or differences why I use this over a power bank: This charger uses no battery thus never needing to be recharged itself. Power banks will eventually die because of the battery inside. This charger is water and dirt proof. And lastly, there is no negative effect on the environment.

usb fan

USB fan

These little guys are perfect for hot weather. Plug them into any USB port for an instant breeze. They bend so you can plug into your laptop or power bank and bend up toward your face.

usb light

USB LED lamp

Another cool USB device are these lamps. I have 2 of them. They work great at home and on trips. Again, flexible so easy to store in your bag and easily positioned for maximum light.


Kingston Mobilelite Wireless G2

Now let’s check out some really cool devices. This is the Kingston Mobilelite Wireless G2. The G2 packs these features: USB port for either USB charging(5000mah power bank built in) or USB stick. SD card reader. Ethernet and wireless connectivity to any wifi location to provide a hotspot for you. Many hotels will only allow you to connect a few devices or maybe the signal is weak – this will solve those issues. So you can connect to the internet and then share with the built in hotspot feature thus creating a repeater as well. My favorite function is the media sharing ability. Plug in any SD card or USB stick and share the pics, videos or music with up to 5 users that can connect to the G2 via wireless with any device. So one person can stream a movie while the other person listens to music. I have used this many times on flights with friends. This way not everyone needs to bring a lot of media with them. Just their phone or tablet. Share away!


Sol Republic Deck Ultra Wireless Speaker

Here is maybe my most used device anywhere on trips. The beach, park, hotel room, parties, etc. The Sol Republic Deck Ultra with 360 degree sound. I have listened to and owned over 15 Bluetooth speakers and this is the end result. Loud with amazing sound. The Bluetooth range is far and allows for Hijack Mode. 5 users connect and play dj. If someone is playing a song and you want to play the next from your phone, simply play the song. No need to have the first person disconnect. You basically hijack their control and they are still connected to the speaker for future plays. This also features an input and output speaker 3.5mm jacks so you can hook up to another speaker if you require more sound and the input is great if you do not have Bluetooth on your device. There is also in indoor and outdoor mode. The outdoor mode cuts down on the bass and boosts the remaining levels so it is louder and without distortion. And it weighs almost the same as a power back or phablet, so it is light weight. The great thing about this product also lies with the cost. At less then 50.00 each on amazon or ebay you get an amazing product at a lot less than it should cost. I have listened to JBL, Beats, Jamm and others. Nothing compares for the price or sound. I get offers from people to buy it over and over. Comes in other colors.

tv box

Steaming TV box Android KODI 16.1

This last gadget is the mother load for not only travel but for home as well. This streaming media player will allow you to watch any tv show or movie – new or old, and unlimited live tv programs. All you need is an internet connection. You can even view the shows by the network names – CBS, NBC, HBO, Freeform, and so on. There are NO fees after you buy the box. You can ditch Netflix, Hulu, NFL package, NBA, World Cup, premium cable channels and whatever else you waste money on monthly to watch media. It runs on Andoid so you can also download all of your favorite apps from the store. The box shown is one of hundreds on the market. You can search the large list on No more DVR’s or fast forwarding through ads – there are no ads on the shows you watch with this box. All ads are edited out. Movies are shown in 4k,1080p, 720 and SD. You can choose which stream works best for your current tv. HDMI, USB, SD cards and A/V outs are all standard. I have taken mine with me before and hooked up to the hotel tv in my room. Some nights I just want to relax and if I’m in a foreign country they may not have many English channels. Mostly used at home. The tv shows are viewable 1 hour after they air.

The first 4 gadgets on this post can be purchased from many different brands and websites. Local tech outlets may also carry these. Feel free to ask me any questions.







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