Sunday after the day..

The beach was truly fun and warm. You could spend the entire time in the water. The surfers were in heaven as sets rolled in one after another..

A magical place on the south western tip of Bali, known as Jimbaran, was the place to be for sunset. It is located just south of the airport. I shared a taxi with a fun couple from Holland. We got there within 20 min of sunset and despite the clouds it was pretty awesome. Cafes strung the beach front for miles. The menu was quite pricey at the cafe we went to, but lets be honest, we were there for the view. The Bintang beer was all we needed at the moment. And of course, the delicious sweet corn on the cob that we could smell from the beach vendor, which I learned is a popular treat in Bali.


Delicious, with a quick douse of garlic and marjoram sauce made fresh daily.

The sunset was upon us.






Bali can be pretty unique as every beach on this little paradise can be quite different.

We decided to go back into Kuta and grab some quick food. Another amazing day!

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