Iloilo city

The 12 hour boat ride from Cebu city was fun. The lines to buy tix are always very long at the port so I bought my ticket earlier at the Ayala mall. When I got there and paid the terminal fee which is standard in the Philippines to pay 3 separate fees not included with the ticket price, the large ferry was a good 200 meters from the waiting area and I was sweating sooo much from carrying 3 bags and the temp felt like 110.

I had bought a ticket for the air con section and got a cot. The section was very full and found out that the lights in the room are not shut off at night. I decided to check out the other decks and see what my other options were. I found the second floor to have a nice lounge and others had parked their bags there and grabbed a spot on the couches. I did the same. The temp was decent and there was plenty of room. I bought something to eat and watched Seinfeld on my laptop for a few.. After while some others came over near me and we drank some brews..  We made a bet to stay up the entire trip and we did!! haha



The sunrise was really spectacular.



You can see the Moon and Venus…


I was amazed at just how the huge the sun was coming up..





As the ferry pulled into Iloilo city, I saw some fisherman out for the early catch. And they were catching a lot.



I took the Tricycle to the Midtown Hotel and slept for many hours that day. I think I woke up around 6pm or so and decided to hit up the famous Smallville area in town. This was the local go to place for food and late night fun.

This island city felt much different than the others. You really got that real island feeling of a small town. Outdoor seating and entertainment everywhere. I was pleased.



I wasn’t able to grab food at Burrito Babes on may out of Cebu so I was craving Mexi..



Cheap and delicious was the enchilada. Recommended by the waiter.


I people watched for a while and chatted up some locals at the table next to me. We agreed on a place to go for music or at least they picked the spot and I said..Why not?



Fun night..


The next day I went into town and walked around a bit. This island had an area called La Paz and it was the home of Batchoy soup. Of course, I had to try. Deco’s was the best I had on my entire trip. 65P was the price or around $1.60


Energy was back up and I walked around for a bit. This town had a small river running through it as well.. who knew?



That night I decided to stay in and order room service, watch a movie and get some rest as I had to catch the bus to Boracay in the morning.. It was time for stunning beaches, bikinis, sunsets and everything else that goes with paradise.

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