Flights were restful and smooth.. LAX-TPE-DSP

LAX to Taipei was pretty smooth and seats were comfy for Coach. A guy sitting next to me was on his way to visit family in the Philippines. There were plenty of first run movies to watch. The flight left LAX around 130am. Perfect time to watch a movie, have a glass of wine and crash out..


We grabbed a Taiwan Classic beer for breakfast while waiting for our connections..Hit the spot!

The flight to Bali was nice and I felt refreshed. Finally get some reading in and put more valuable info into my mental vault.

As an tip, I would watch what food you eat on the flights as some foreign foods the serve have sauces that your body may not be used to consuming. Pack Pepto or Imodium just in case..


Upon arriving in Bali, I noticed how Balinese the airport was. They put some culture into the design.



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