Hong Kong and beyond…

The morning I left from Boracay was a bit sad I will admit. When you think how people go their separate ways after a holiday, it gives you that happy sad feeling. You will never forget. As I reflected back on my time and packed the last few items, a local woman working at the hostel asked me, “was your question answered here in Boracay?”. At first I replied “It depends what the question was to begin with”.  She smiled. I’m not sure if I ever had a question coming to Boracay. It sure made me realize that possibilities are endless. It’s still humorous to me when friends ask me how I can travel the way I do. Did I win the lottery? No. Find a cheap ticket and go! It comes down to whether you want to spend your money on lifetime experiences and memories while meeting new lifetime friends or be in debt to cars and houses. Europeans understand this but most of America has not yet… Maybe one day.

I took the boat back to Caticlan and went to the tiny airport for my flight to Manila and on to Hong Kong. Thank God the airport was really close to the port. I learned that in Asia you should always have a printout of your flight info. The Police would not let me in the airport without proof of my flight. In Europe and the USA we do not need this info as they always pull up the flight with our passport. The man was nice enough to ask the ticket agent for assistance and I was let in. The plane was small so they had to weigh each passenger.



The view of the islands were amazing!


I got into Hong Kong at night and met some nice Australians that were sitting next to me on the plane and guided me to the bus that was headed for Kowloon. Hong Kong is separated by water into 2 parts. Hong Kong island and Kowloon area.


The airport and Disneyland are on a 3rd island. The subway and bus systems are excellent here. Probably the best I have ever been on. The bus even had free wifi! The Octopus card was the most economical way to pay for the metro. You can even use it to pay at restaurants and stores. Sort of like a local debit card.

IMG_3341 IMG_3369

It took me a while to find my hostel. The buildings here are very different than we are used to here. The center of the building is open, much like a castle wall. Google Kowloon walled city. It was once controlled by the government and then the Triads. It has since been demolished and a museum was built.

IMG_3332 IMG_3336

I decided that my first full day, I would explore local food and the Victoria Peak. Local food was amazing. I found a small place where the cook was tossing noodles in the window.. Who could resist?



When they seat you, be prepared for them to seat other people at your table. It’s weird at first but most of the time they speak English and are pretty interesting people.

I also tried the street food. It was cheap and fast!

IMG_3342 IMG_3349


Pork and Octopus was popular.



The Financial district and Hong Kong island were very cool. Felt like Manhattan.



The tram to Victoria Peak was such a long wait. I greatly underestimated this.



The ride up has steep and fun!



The pics I took are some of the best in my album…. Jaw dropping. The peak wall goes straight down and the buildings shoot right up~






After taking over 36 photos with diff settings on my DSLR, I headed down the mountain and change clothes and head to the local ex-pat drinking holes to mingle.

Along the way.



Partner in crime that I met on the tram…

WP_20140606_024 WP_20140607_005


Bus station was huge and very clean.



The next day was the dragon boat races and San Miguel beer gardens… So much fun on the harbor. Teams from all over the world came to kick some butt.




IMG_3486 IMG_3491

IMG_3484 IMG_3492


Walk of Fame




I met some fun people from Russia and Barcelona at the beer fest. We decided to catch the light show at 8:30 on the harbor front. The buildings put on a dancing light show and music plays with it.. really cool.

I decided to make it an early night as tomorrow was Disneyland!!!!

WP_20140605_009 WP_20140609_001

WP_20140609_004 WP_20140609_006

WP_20140609_017 WP_20140609_011


WP_20140609_074 WP_20140609_072

WP_20140609_105 WP_20140609_103


Super fun day.. Grizzly mountain coal ride was the best ride. Thunder Mountain Railroad on steroids. Faster and more turns. The park music and employees were the same as in Anaheim. Felt like home 🙂

The next morning I packed up and took the bus to the airport. I had booked a flight on Aeroflot and had a 3 hour layover in Moscow. Pretty cool.



I bought 2 bottles of very tasty Vodka for less than $20USD.. And the Burger King served Vodka and beer..haha

Off to Spain now!



Paradise is life… BORACAY! 2014

So I have to admit, I am listening to the soundtrack from the movie The Beach as I write this. The emotions, new friends and pure bliss I gained from this journey is in away equal to my trip last year to Kho Phi Phi. I gained so much and remembered just how perfect simple life or “island” life can be. Another culture that is happy with what they have and don’t expect more. And adjustments to this lifestyle had to be made. And all that ever mattered was the time you had at the beach and with new friends…

My morning checkout from Iloilo was quick and I headed to the bus terminal to grab my bus ticket and start off to paradise.


The bus was unexpectedly nice. Free wifi, A/C and comfy seats. It was a 5 hour ride to Caticlan where the ferry terminal was located. The seat next to me was open most of he time. A few stops were made along the way and for a quick 20min a women and small nina sat next to me. I slept a little and listened to music the rest of the time. We did make a quick lunch stop at a local spot. I had the batchoy as I knew it was safe for the stomach. I didn’t want to risk it..

The weather was very hot. Equal to 117F when you add in the 92% humidity. We arrived at the ferry port and I lugged all my bags to the crazy ticket counter. One window was for the ferry ticket to Boracay 25P. The second window was for the port fee 75P and the 3rd window was for the enviornmental fee 100P… This was ridiculous, there was one room for all three windows. Why not charge the 200P  and end it???? haha

The boat ran all day. As soon as they were full, they left.. so you never waited. Perfect!





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