Last day in Bali…

So it’s my last day. Sanur has been a nice change from the noisy traffic and spring break like feel of Kuta. I have also learned that you can rent an apartment for a month at only $240USD. Many Australian ex-pats have a place here and in AU. So when they return home, they rent out the flats here. Sounds like a possible future trip back here.

Nyoman Kojek, a young and well like warung(small and inexpensive spot to eat) owner, was a welcoming and all around funny guy..



He owned 3 warungs in Sanur. The Little Bird, The Beach Breeze and my favorite, The Coconut Tree. The food was amazing and you couldn’t beat the price. And to top it off, the company around you made the night that more enjoyable. All of the employees at each location would learn every part of the job. One night a bar tender and the next night a cook. They moved around locations as well. A very smart way to run a business.

They would also smile and say “We are all one big family and have been working together for years”.



By far the best satay was at the Little Bird.



The peanut sauce is made fresh with peanuts grown in Bali, and coconut sugar. I think I will have it again for lunch. And the $3USD price tag makes it an easy choice. Tonight I will try the spare ribs which is also a popular favorite among locals and visitors. B

The liquor of Bali is Arak. To me it tastes like a mix of moonshine and sake and it depends if you drink the homemade stuff or the mass produced. Nyoman brought a bottle from his families own batch. I honestly don’t think the proof was ever tested.. It gives you more of a high than a drunk feeling. Basically it makes you silly.. The most popular drink was, and yes it’s funny, the Arak Obama.



Arak, Cola and lime.

While on the beach walk, there are many small cafes serving pretty much the same menu with a little variance. I tried the BBQ pizza at an award winning spot and man it was good. Quite different from the BBQ pizza bar menu type in the states. The locals still put just as much care into the cheaper menu items as they do they pricier ones. A big opposite of what I’m used to.

Notice the crust. Hand pressed all the way around.




The beach here was calm and great for swimming. The outer reef kept the waves out.






IMG_3015 IMG_3022 IMG_2980


The exchange rate always varied. The further away from the main hotel areas, the better it got.

IMG_2981 IMG_3007 IMG_2978





Time to check out of the room and grab lunch..


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