Wait everyone! We aren’t done traveling Croatia yet. One more stop.





On the mere 4 hour bus ride to the southern most Croatian city and oldest – Dubrovnik, we crossed into a small border crossing with Bosnia. After the Yugoslavian war, Bosnia wanted to have access to the sea so Croatia granted them a strip of land.

croatia bonia  You can see the area in pink which is the piece of land that extends Bosnia through a small area of Croatia and Dubrovnik at the south end.

They require a passport from everyone on this bus trip.

The ride was just as breathtaking as the first time I did it 5 years ago.


Small villages along the way and wineries. Such a peaceful and quiet life. I know this lifestyle would be to my liking until I got the itch for some social interaction from a larger city atmosphere. To have a villa or flat in both lifestyle locations would be the dream. And to own a sailboat of course.

We had a rest stop along the way and I fueled up on some fresh squeezed oj. What a view!


After 20 min we hit the road again. Dub was sure to be next.

WP_20150715_17_18_18_Pro WP_20150715_16_09_12_Pro

Above are the tuna farms that are famous to Croatia. Prime tuna sold at a premium price. They are fed premium food and often divers will swim down to see how they are growing and who is old enough to be the next rich mans dinner. Maybe someday I will indulge but not on this trip. I was craving the mussels.


After we arrived in Dub and took our transfer bus from the port station, we checked into our small guestroom run by a family that spoke no English. No problem – they showed you the total owed and once you paid, you got the key. It was the same type of room I had stayed in before and near a promenade with shops and cafes that lined the sea.

WP_20150716_13_28_11_Pro View from the room.

We found a restaurant and I had noticed that this was the same spot I ate at the first time I had visited.


I had the mussels just as I did before and they may have added something to them because they were pretty damn good. I cannot say that I am a huge food critic. It either tastes good or it doesn’t. Eating the traditional and local cuisine helps me to better understand the culture and the passion that they bring. The mussels are not just boiled and served, but cooked in a soup base with tomatoes and garlic. And for 12 Euro including wine its a damn good bargain. Oh, and did I mention that they were caught only a few villages away?

We went into the old city the next day and scoured the cafes and the great wall that protected that very old place. The walls were high and the air was hot as no wind really came through.

DSCF2951Local bus ticket





Above is the great well that supplies fresh spring water from the mountains 365 days a year. I washed my face and filled my Vapur bottle several times. Man, it was a hot day and time for the Buza Bar. An establishment that has no running water to make ice – only cold beer and wine. They had though built up a much roomier seating area with one of the best views of the Adriatic.


WP_20150716_19_35_05_Pro WP_20150717_17_55_40_Pro

I grabbed a glass of wine and Stacie had a local beer(Ojusco). Now the other wonderful treat to being at this spot is the rock and cliff jumping. Stacie took to it by climbing down the steps.


She did though take 20 min to make the jump. She says she is not a strong swimmer so I give her a lot of credit for even getting in from the lower step.

WP_20150716_19_37_26_Pro Go Stacie!

I joined her in the water and wow it was soooo clean and refreshed my soul as to give you a second wind.



Marina (on the right) was the manager at the bar. She was very down to earth and charming. She treated us to a round and we tipped her well.

WP_20150716_20_38_14_ProI will be back!

I have to say that Dubrovnik is a special place. No there are not big dance clubs or large bars in the city. But who the fuck cares! People ask me if I have been to Hvar all time. Hvar is an island known for clubbing and parties in Croatia. Maybe when I was in my 20’s that would be great and I may have had fun – but man I have lived a bigger party life than most and if I never visit Hvar, Mykonos, Ibiza or any other drug filled party only island – I could care less. Most of those are 20 notches below the Earth’s core on my bucket list. I’m not joking.

For me, as I know myself more now than ever – the people, the food and the slow paced environments are just right. Honestly, I go to a big festival now to do the loud music and the craziness, and when its over, its over.

We walked around more and found this Mojito bar that made fresh and correctly made mojitos(the lime, sugar and mint were muddled before anything else went into the glass). They were cheap and strong if you gave a tip – ANY tip!


WP_20150716_21_50_48_Pro That night Stacie finally got her mussels and I had the Octopus salad. Now the best Octopus salad I have ever had was in Panama but this was pretty close. Tender with some perfect lime.

We then went out to a local Irish pub I had been to and drank Sambuca and beer. We met some funny people from Croatia and a couple from Hungary. We talked for hours until I told Stacie no more large beers! We have to leave tomorrow.


The next day we loaded up our backpacks and headed to the airport. I will miss you Dub. Until next time…


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