Bad and Overrated Items From Crowdfunding

I just came across this item while reading an email from Indiegogo. This item is called the “The Kodiak – Off Grid Home Solar System In A Box”. Now, as I understand that any press is good press, I still feel an obligation to call out this cheap attempt at a power product. For only the small dollar amount of, wait, let me look again…. Oh – $1529.00 + SHIPPING, you get a battery pack that can be charged during the day using the included solar panel if there is adequate sun. Hmm.  So what can it power you ask? Here is the amazingly ludicrous part of this rundown. You can power at full charge: 1 microwave at 1000 watts for 1 hour OR an LED tv(LED takes little power) for 16 hours OR other devices.  While this product may be a problem solving idea, the finished product leads up to another blackout. There are many other specs telling you the times for power use.


Consider this – 1 car batter at $200, which is a superior battery, can power your cell phone, car lights, car stereo, laptop and whatever else you want to plug in for 24 hours+. Solar panels are not expensive to buy to charge these batteries. Visit and you will find a solar panel/battery kit for $59 which includes 2 LED bulbs for you home with fixtures and USB cords to plug into the battery pack which is included and portable.

battery solar

Item above on for $59.

This Kodiak pack does have multiple plugs and allows you to plug in regular household items which may be the number one gimmick. The sales video is horriblly exaggerated as it shows a loving family smiling in a blackout with no power, yet their house has lights on, phones charging and a tv on using this battery system. According to the specs they provide, the system will only last 3 hours with these items plugged in at the same time. Does not look to me as if it is worth $1529.00.

Oh! And I forgot to say that the number 1 and 2 items in your house that use the most electricity is the refrigerator and A/C unit. The Kodiak will power just the fridge alone for 6 hours. After that good night to your fridge and all power in this junk box.

In the end, please read over the products and research them before you donate, pledge or contribute to these far fetched hunks of junk. These people spend money on the marketing videos and graphics so you will give up the dough. An average 2000% more people will pledge to crowdfunding when there is a video present. Don’t be a sucker.

Always read up and research these “amazing electronic products” before you throw away your money. Most crowdfunding items never make it to real world production and you will never see them in the public. That being said, not all crowdfunding is bad and there some great works that come from it.




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