Sunday was funday..

I woke up at 7am. I was still adjusting to the time change and felt great after some solid rest. The hotel has a nice buffet breakfast with an omelet bar. Most all eating spots here are open air which I truly love.  So breakfast outside was refreshing as the ocean air breezed through.

I knew today was a beach day! I grabbed my SPF 30.. yes, I know, “when does Dan ever use SPF anything?” Bali sun is not the same as North America or Caribbean sun and you have to be careful.
The walk was only 15 min or so to the beach. Balinese people love pictures and smile more than any other culture I have seen.


I met a young couple from China while walking to the beach. They only wanted to dip there feet in the water. I on the other hand was there to get wet!

Andrew and his girlfriend Catherine were new to the sea. Living in Beijing they don’t get to the beach much if at all. They were good people.

WP_20140504_013 WP_20140504_029


WP_20140504_026  Surfing was a site to watch that day!

The beach was not typical. Many locals setup an umbrella and a cooler with cold beverages. So basically you could sit in the shade and purchase anything from fruit juice, sodas or beer at a very reasonable price and when you felt that urge as I always did, make a run for the waves and cool off. Hans was a great host.






3 thoughts on “Sunday was funday..

  1. iris

    Definitely go to UBUD its wonderful. And the monkey forest where they will steal everything out of your hands. I love the Nasi Goreng there, its basically fried rice, but was so much better there. The people there are great. Glad you are having a great time !! Iris


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