Tip #4 More Water, Less Waste

Foldable Water Bottle

Hey readers,

      This tip is very simple. We all drink water when traveling (or we should be) amidst all of the wine, beer and liquor we consume. Not to mention the hot days we walk or bike the city center or go to the beaches. For 6 years now, I have been packing a foldable water bottle in my carry-on, where ever I travel to. Once I arrive at the Airbnb, hostel or guest house, I buy a large 5L jug of water to leave in my room. I then fill up my foldable water bottle to take with me into the city or beach. No more buying small bottled water at markets.

       Not only are you saving money, you are helping to save waste. If you are traveling with a friend, they can also fill up, saving twice the waste of empty plastic bottles. Once you are done, fold up the water bottle and put it in your bag until you return to the room. You will feel better that you are helping to cut waste and also saving some money for that beer you want.

       Please post any questions or comments.


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