Road to Ultra and Beyond…. Europe 2015

What a beginning of the trip we had. After rushing around Las Vegas to complete some last minute errands including grabbing a paycheck and dropping Marley off at her favorite boarding spot, we hit the road for LAX in our rental car. A massive rain storm tore thru Primm and the traffic was horrific. Finally we got moving and smooth sailing into LA. Thank goodness for carpool lanes, we made it with 20 min to spare. For
Stacie, this was her first trip to Europe and my annual trip. We have been friends for a few years now and after hearing all of my stories, she wanted to go. I am very proud of her for taking this time for herself as she deserves it so much.

Norwegian Airlines is amazing. We flew on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Sleep is always difficult for me on these departure flights as I am excited and ready for the adventure. We played a few games of connect four, watched a movie or 2 and slept.


Copenhagen was quite a traditional city. If you ordered a mixed drink, they served you a shot of liquor in one glass and cola in the bottle. They also do not have A/C in most of the city. The weather stays very cool so there isn’t much need for it. It rained while we were there but that didn’t stop us.


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We hit the Hard Rock Café so I could buy my shot glass and then we hit the streets to find some food. The bar at the hard rock only served drinks. By Danish law you cannot serve food at the bar. We both thought that to be strange and the size of the bar reflected that – it was 1/3 the size of most HRC bars. So a few drinks at the bar and then food on the patio was all we needed before going on to walk the city and yes I got my shot glass. The best street food in the world in my opinion has always been in Asian countries with Europe being second. My bacon wrapped hot dog was no exception. In USD it cost $3. Not bad for Danish prices. They use the Kronos there and not the Euro. We then wandered the city, exploring the rights and lefts of the cobblestone walkways when we finally found the famous Nyhavn area. It started to rain and we decided to grab a beer and chat up the locals. They were all quite friendly as I would expect. Stacie was happily surprised at how delicious the street food is and how friendly people are. She noted many differences in our cultures. One of them being how people in Europe aren’t overly muscular or obese – just healthy.

We then went back to the hotel, changed and went out for a bit. Tomorrow, Jul 9 was the flight to Split, Croatia and Ultra Music Festival. Bring it on!


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