Last thoughts on Bali..

I have come to the conclusion that trips to places that have tropical beaches are more enjoyable with friends. Larger cities that have sights to see can be more fun to visit solo as you’re never really alone anyway. There are always others there going to see what you are going to see and it makes for a great intro conversation. Beach vacations usually involve laying on the beach and drinking cocktails for the most part. Its not as fun drinking alone on the beach. Sanur is a quiet city which is great for thought. A perfect place for an extended stay. When traveling you don’t have to always cram your time with activities. The whole point of traveling is to find yourself, not go broke on souvenirs and excursions that everyone and their grandmother have done. To be honest, it was cool to visit the temples in Bali but it didn’t blow my mind. I find that the local people on the island countries are what blow my mind and not as much the tourist sites. Tourism has ruined most of these once great historic areas with vendors and shops. Next time I will stay up in the north part of the island and visit the volcanos. The temples there are amazing and untouched. Of course I will have to visit my friends in Sanur.

Catching my flight soon to Cebu,PHP. From there I take a ferry to Tagbilaran. I found a small homestay ran by a really nice local. He is renting me out a moped so I can get to the work site everyday.  I’m hoping that I will loose 15lbs or so. I’m pumped!


Goodbye my friend… I will miss you


One thought on “Last thoughts on Bali..

  1. Shirley

    Last night I had a dream about you!
    We were on the beach and walked all the way
    to a beautiful place full of colors and animals!
    We were laughthing and laughthing 😉
    I thought I should shared this dream with you!
    Have a good week Dan…



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