The Barcelona Wine and Beer Experience – a venture in motion

For some time now at seems, whenever I hopped on a plane and set out to see the world, I, at some point, would end up in Barcelona. Whether it was one of many trips to Europe or even the trip to Asia I took. I visited Bali, Hong Kong and the Philippines, and for some reason, at the end, took a flight through Moscow (where they serve vodka with your meal at the airport Burger King) to Barcelona where I stayed for 3 months. It was only the year before that I was sitting at a table eating dinner with some friends in Barcelona and came up with the idea for the tour.

My idea was unique – a tour that offered a short historic walking tour along the route to either a craft brewery or wine class at a vinoteca (wine shop). This combined the learning experience of the walking tour with a unique tasting. So far, the wine classes in the city were either very expensive 90€ or they were out of the city at a winery. The beer tours did not exist at all. There are only a few breweries in the city and only Moritz offered a tour but they are so large in the region that they do not need outside help. So I searched and found my locations. This was 2 years ago and I have more then tripled the amount of bookings in the second year! 🙂

The wine tasting class is taught by a certified wine expert in Spain. The wines are hand selected from great vintages to provide an amazing Barcelona Wine Experience and paired with local cheeses and olives. This vinoteca is exclusive to the tour and not offered to the general public. The tour starts in Placa Catalunya and after a 20 min history walk, we arrive for the tasting class. The class is offered for 1 – 30 people and there is a discount on 6 or more. We meet at 7pm or 19hr in the placa.

The brewery tour was specific to craft beers which is the new and popular thing in the beer world. There can be anywhere between 12 – 20 beers on tap and a few guest brews. The owner has been brewing beer for 12 years now and hails from the US. I applaud his courage with moving here to Barcelona and starting his own brewery. At the beer tour, you will learn the fun and crazy story about him brewing beer in his flat prior to starting the brewery. The brewery beer styles range from sours, IPAs, lagers, stouts, wheats, fruit wheats, APAs and pilsners, which are one of my favorites. We start the tour at Arc de Triomf and cruise by the Santa Maria Basilica and the Born Cultural Center where you are free to take pictures and learn about the old roman city. The walk is around 20-30 min before we end up at the tasty and refreshing brewery in Barcelona.
Barcelona Craft Beer Tour – Barcelona Wine and Beer Experience

and yes, females are welcome, this is just a great pic.

I truly feel this experience is a unique one to Barcelona when tasting local creations and learning the culture. Book Now!

Now as I write this, I must say that wine, beer and spirits(liquor) have been an interest and tasting hobby of mine for many years. I have visited thee Bacardi factory in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Brugal factory in Puerta Plata, DR, the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston, US, Mondavi wineries in Napa, US and other smaller distillers in Boston, Greece, Barcelona, Prague, Mexico and Berlin. I have also mastered the art of making Bathtub Gin. In the last 2 years I was employed at 2 different wine and spirit retailers in Las Vegas. My knowledge has grown and now I bring that to you.

Summer is going strong so book your spot now!



Memoirs: From Barley to Grapes – Portland to Boston 48 Hours

As usual on my west to east coast red eye flights, I found myself entwined in a feuding battle of gin rummy with the passenger sitting in the middle seat and seeped in multiple mixed cocktails with no sign of sleep in sight. It was a 4.5 hour flight from Portland to Boston and as I always say “Go big or go home!”. As the sun slowly bled its way from under the fresh new grey window shade of the Airbus A320, I could feel the excitement build. For I had never been to Boston. I have visited NYC many times but never had a real reason to alter course slightly north.

Only 48 hours ago I had been sitting at a bar in Portland awaiting a friend whom was running late. I had decided to order a Rum and Coke. As my brief conversation with the patron to my left ended, I turned back to center position to focus back on my refreshing cocktail. There sitting now to my right, was a beautiful tall woman with long brown hair in a slinky black dress that was in her late 20’s. Her bright red lipstick and fair skin, and how her hair shifted in slow motion as she leaned forward to order her drink. It felt as though I was transported back to the 1950’s. She was mesmerizing and not in a cliché way. She had a classy way about her that I had rarely ever come across in my travels. She then turned to me with a bubbly look and said “Hi, my name is Beverly.” At that moment I thought and actually looked around the bar and then back at her and replied “Am I in the 50’s?”. I was enthralled. Her name and look were not from our time. She laughed and said “no”. She then laughed at my explanation for my comment and we talked for a while until our friends showed up. Slightly nervous as we had just met , I attempted to get her number and before I could complete the request aloud, she handed me a napkin and said” Call me, if you want to visit Boston. I am a great tour guide.”  And so I did.

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